Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Poem written from a donor mom...because they're more than donors but my friends.

"Milk mommies" 
By Melissa

Something you said in your status inspired this one back in early Dec.  You were just thanking all the mommies who donated milk and saying how touched you were :) 

To my daughters' milk mommies -
I can't thank you enough
I know expressing your milk
Can be tiresome and tough.
But they have been so blessed,
Because you've shared so much -
Each time they get their fill of
Liquid gold, I am so touched!


Just one I wrote to help *** & *** with their reading etc. ;) And **** is utterly fascinated by "babies in bellies" and "mommies milk" since she still remembers nursing.  I can't remember if I told you but I weaned them back in September.  So bittersweet. :( I wish I didn't have to.  Hope you enjoy... 

I know three butterflies
You can't help but adore
They live in a state
That is just next door

To ours-in Pennsylvania,
Live Cally, Alexa and Paige-
To their mom and dad,
They are all the rage!

Kara couldn't nurse
Her three butterflies
But she worked very hard
To find them the special prize

Of milk from other mommies-
They call it liquid gold-
For of the health benefits
She and her husband
Were helplessly sold

After all-who's the designer
Of milk flowing from the breast?
Is He not the one
Who alone creates the best?

What He made is better
Than anything made by man-
It shines bright next to anything
You can find in a can.

Mr. Corey and Mrs. Kara
Came to  visit us one year
With their oldest daughter Cally
And Alexa, their other dear.

We couldn't see Alexa yet-she hid
In her mommy's snuggly womb-
But the knowledge of her presence
Caused her parents to loom
Around mommies with extra milk,
If any was willing to share,
Knowing that other formulas
Never could compare.

So when Mommy was still nursing
Her oldest girl and boy
She decided to do something that
Might give Corey and Kara joy- 
She expressed some milk,
And gave them what she could
For their second butterfly,
So Alexa could have good food.

And since then, both
Alexa and Paige were blest
By many other moms
Who gave them their very best. ~ Melissa

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