Friday, June 7, 2013

Bottle Nursing


I bottle nurse my Paige. With my first 2 children it didn't happen. In the NICU, they encourage you to feed your baby away from your body, facing in the other direction! Not only was there zero bonding, but their difficult feelings caused a groaning in my soul. 

With bottle nursing you hold your baby close to your chest. She can smell you better, hear your heartbeat, look in your eyes, or play with your lips like Paige does to me :-) 

Oh yes, we certainly bond. Aside from being fed sweet mothers milk, I have come to realize Paige won't, I mean refuses to be fed by anyone but me. You hear a lot about how some babies won't take a bottle. Paige refuses to be fed outside the loving arms of her mama, just as if I were nursing her. Being fed by someone else is foreign territory. How sweet!! Don't grow so fast Paige your mama adores you!

    Satisfied and happy! She is so my little treasure.