Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The high calling of Motherhood

Gonna make this day's blog short because of the little ones reaking havoc in the back round. 

Having a chronic illness really brings life into perspective.  You can ignore it, push it aside, you can make it seem trivial.  I had to listen to the nurse's words.

"Go to the hospital?? What? I have three kids, and one of them is a newborn.  I'm not leaving her all night."

 "If you're not here to take care of your kids, nobody will be."

Sometimes I have to realize that even though I've delt with ITP for the last almost ten years....and I've done well, that I'll be OK, that nothing can go wrong.  You know God has his ways of letting us know we aren't self sufficient.  

I waited til the next day to go to the ER (since there was no openings in the infusion center) and I got my 10 hours of IVIG in a dirty yucky ER.  You better believe I brought my newborn with me.  I missed my family while I was gone, and I'm so thankful we were able to have a babysitter with the kids.  24 hours following my infusion I had a terrible reaction.  The most painful migraine, where light was painful.  It brought on nausea and chills.  Corey had to leave work to come home and care for the children. After 2 days it finally went away. 

I'm really thankful for healing, and for modern healthcare. Ever since I had Alexa I have been out of remission. 

Find something today to be thankful for! Good health, can be one of them.  Today...I am thankful, for my health.  The health that God has allowed me to have!

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