Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A special Father

Father is a special word to me. Any person can have children, a special man can be a father, but an even more special father is a Daddy.

The Dad that matters in my life is my husband. Because of my husband's love of my children, they have a chance in succeeding in life what really matters. Passing on generations of parenting. It's beautiful to know that my husband is creating a life-long legacy for our little girl, nurtured by his love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

We had two girls, but this was the best song I could find! So ignore the "Daddy's Boy" part and pretend it said Girl. :-)

Here's a video of Corey with our first baby girl, Cally Petroske, who came into this world a survivor.

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Cally's Daddy said...

Thank you Baby. You're so sweet. I'm the man I am today because of God's grace and your loving support.